“The beauty of life is in both its light and dark.”

William Faulkner


My grief is not a gift – and neither is yours 

First thing: When your setbacks stop you from reaching your goals, you fear procrastination will be the death of your life, or doubt the actions you take every day … take heart … and read on. 

Now that you’re here, let’s assume the following: 

You’ve experienced loss and grief

You feel alone

You’ve recently been thinking:

  • Is this it?
  • How can I get past this?
  • Will I ever really get over it?

You want to:

  • Quit that job
  • Carve out courage
  • Find some meaning
  • Talk to that woman
  • Move along
  • Get gutsy

Which leads me to …

Second thing: Hold your head up and defy anyone toxic enough to utter the words: 

  • Get over it
  • You just have to get through it
  • Time heals all wounds
  • Everything happens for a reason
  • So ‘n’ so got through it, and so will you
  • It was meant to be
  • It can be fixed
  • I really think you should [insert advice you didn’t request here]

Third thing: You’re probably a little bit like me

You’ve been hurt, betrayed and emotionally torn open.

You’re bruised, crying, overwhelmed and in pain.

You’ve suffered unexpected losses and comfort is out of reach right now.

And I’m here to tell you: this can change.

Through my words, I’ll sit with you, hold your hand, and when you’re ready, we’ll leap together.

With tools and strategies, I’ll help you make sense of situational grief, a debilitating injury or chronic pain, loss of a loved one, or anxiety and depression.

I’ll never tell you it happened for a reason.

Your grief will never go ignored.

You won’t see me trying to push you to the bright side. 

Because this is the place that gently whispers: Welcome home. 

I’m Tim Lawrence. Here’s my story 

I’ve studied at prestigious conservatories and performed at Carnegie Hall, the Barclays Center, Lincoln Center, and other stages around the world. 

I’ve faced unexpected setbacks that threw me in ways I never imagined (read: lost friends to suicide, lovers up and left, suffered chronic depression and loneliness).

I’ve left New York and travelled the world, on my own, with nothing but a quest for … something more. 

I’ve trained at the renowned Gym Jones – an establishment for elite athletes that pushed my physical and mental limits far beyond my understanding. 

I live with cerebral palsy and epilepsy - the daily physical and neurological challenges these conditions present now serve to shape me.

And yet, I hid these conditions from the world for many years. The fear of judgement, ridicule and shame overruled. 

Now – they’re not afflictions, but vehicles through which I can contribute with honesty, empathy, and compassion. 

I don't pretend these conditions are gifts; they're not.

But one belief stands strong: They will not destroy me.

 And your pain, your loss, your inner adversity, doesn't have to destroy you either. 

That’s who I am. Here’s what I do.

I write.

My words navigate the pain and dark fears that lurk within all of us. I tackle adversity and grief, discipline and resilience, and the power of developing a philosophy that reflects reality. I stab my pen directly into the deepest wounds of the human experience; the shame and self-hatred so many of us feel forced to carry.

You don’t need self-help, because you don’t need to be fixed. You just need to know that it’s okay to walk straight into your own personal hell - and know that, as you do, you’ll uncover hidden reserves of strength.

I speak.

Addressing real people in their real grief is my passion and my mission. I walked onto my first stage at the age of five and have since performed all over the world. 

My talks eloquently unravel our culture’s faulty narrative surrounding grief. Uniquely positioned to reach those suffering from disability or chronic illness, I speak to the transformative power of revealing our vulnerabilities rather than hide them.

I give interviews.

Here are a few of the topics I’m uniquely positioned to address:

  • Overcoming seemingly insurmountable obstacles via the lens of disability

  • Grief as a catalyst for change

  • Joys and trials of nomadic life

  • Monastery living

  • How to cultivate resilience in the face of tragedy and great difficulty

My work is gritty, uncensored, and takes no prisoners. Through my words, I help people navigate life’s difficulties - grief, injury, depression, or loss - and learn to forge strength in the fire.