A therapist analyzes the past and a coach looks to the future. My consulting services bridge the two.

This means I help people navigate the difficult times life brings, whether that’s situational grief, a debilitating injury or chronic pain, loss of a loved one, or anxiety and depression.

I guide my clients step-by-step along this journey and help them gift their best selves to the world through a combination of vulnerable confrontation and strategic action.

My passion is in taking the hand of someone who’s suffering and helping them find true fulfillment, not despite their loss but because of it. 

My work has resulted from a deep examination of the psychology and research in the field of post-traumatic growth, as well as an inter-disciplinary study of neuroscience, philosophy and monasticism. 

But I haven't just studied adversity, I've lived it. 

I cultivate programs to bring each of my clients along an actionable journey designed specifically for them. 

Contact me if you…

  • Are stuck getting over a lost love
  • Live with debilitating chronic pain
  • Suffer from anxiety or depression
  • Are feeling trapped by isolation or self-sabotaging habits