Speaking and Interviews

Addressing real people in their real grief is my passion and my mission. I walked onto my first stage at the age of five and have since performed all over the world. 

My talks eloquently unravel our culture’s faulty narrative surrounding grief. Uniquely positioned to reach those suffering from disability or chronic illness, I speak to the transformative power of revealing our vulnerabilities rather than hide them.

Speaking and interview topics include:

Overcoming seemingly insurmountable obstacles via the lens of disability

Grief as a catalyst for change

Joys and trials of nomadic life

Monastery living

How to cultivate resilience in the face of tragedy and great difficulty

The art of self-denial: cultivating discipline in an era of instant gratification

Living with cerebral palsy and epilepsy: moving from shame to renewal

The practice of acknowledgment and vulnerability in the grieving process

If you'd like to interview me or invite me to speak at your event, please reach out to me at tim@timjlawrence.com.