Peter Paulsen
Automotive Product Trainer, Ford Motor Co.

"When I started working with Tim, I felt stifled both from a personal and a business perspective. My conversations with Tim helped me focus on the behaviors I needed to change, which helped dramatically improve the results I saw in my life. I can say both personally and professionally I'm at the best point I've ever been.

When you're so close to your own problems, you can drown in them. Tim helped me see where my negativity was coming from and shed it. After pinpointing the source of my stress, I realized I needed to remove myself from it. I could not have done this without Tim’s masterful help.

Tim offered me insights that were sometimes initially uncomfortable but truths I needed to hear. Tim pointed out what steps I needed to take and helped me take them. 

Without his guidance and care, I would have been lost. Working with Tim helped me find my own path toward a much better future."


Inge Konther
Assistant Manager, Digital Integrated Marketing, Matrix, a division of L'Oréal 

"When I was first introduced to Tim, I was unfulfilled and struggling with my relationships. I soon found myself soliciting his advice regularly. He helped me explore my feelings and cope with problems.  He brought me to a place of self-awareness and helped me identify the real causes of my pain.

With his guidance, I was able to accept where I was in the moment and not apologize or beat myself up about my mental state.  Because of this new-found acceptance, I became a better person in my relationships and in my life. Tim's warm yet analytical method made it easy to open up to him from the start and to entrust him with my deepest thoughts and emotions as we progressed.

I am very grateful to Tim for getting me through a particularly difficult time. Today, I am happier in my relationship than I have ever been and able to enjoy just being myself, while continually working on bettering myself. Tim has become one of my most trusted advisors."


Chris Guillebeau
NYT bestselling author of The $100 Startup

We needed a strong copyeditor for our Unconventional Guides series, and Tim Lawrence was the perfect fit. He didn't just tell us about our many errors—he also provided clear, comprehensive notes on exactly how to improve the entire product. In fact, we essentially got a two-for-one deal, since he took it upon his own initiative to proofread the final guides after they went to design. I hope you get the opportunity to hire him, but I also hope you don't take him away from us.”

Bianca Dias Soares
Counsel, MUFG Union Bank, N.A., a member of MUFG, a global financial group

“I have worked with Tim for many years and relied on him for the final editing and proofreading review of sophisticated and complex legal documents. Tim is extremely professional and has a laser sharp ability to spot issues and inconsistencies in format and content of a written text, qualities which make him an invaluable resource for any lawyer in my position. He is smart, quick and articulate and able to handle multiple assignments at once. His solid knowledge of the English language coupled with his professionalism and accessibility will prove to be a great asset to anybody seeking editing and proofreading services.”


David Marvin
Real Estate Broker

“In the years I have known Tim, he has been a gifted mentor and a sage advisor. I honestly don’t know where I would be today without his help, advice, and genuine care. I’ve gone through many trials over the years, and his empathetic approach has been pivotal to my handling of them all.

I have come to Tim for coaching on issues spanning a broad spectrum of pain and anxiety: the loss of a loved one to death or imprisonment; physical, mental and emotional hardships; and simply the often overwhelming nature of daily life. He is among the best listeners I have ever met. He is able to comprehend even the deepest and darkest of issues without judgment and help you navigate through them. He has so often been able to help me see the bigger picture when I am unable to see it myself. His own trials have been immense, and I admire the strength and fortitude he’s shown to be where he is today. 

I would recommend Tim as a mentor and counselor to anyone who is struggling. He has been through so much. I know he will understand what you’re going through and be able to help you plot a course through the stormy waters and pain. Tim is an exceptionally deep and able-minded person who can help anyone find these paths, encouraging them to walk with hope, strength and inner peace to promote a more balanced, fulfilled way of living.”


Stephanie Zito
Unconventional Guides Managing Editor and author, Wanderingforgood.com

"Tim is a top-notch copyeditor with keen attention to detail—no misplaced comma goes unturned when he's on the task. Tim is professional and proactive in client service, and his work is quick and accurate. In my time working with Tim, he's quickly climbed to the top of my 'go to' list when we need copyediting done at Unconventional Guides."


Zuzana Blazek
Vice President – Legal, Top Global Investment Bank

“For the many years during which I have worked with Tim, he has provided me with valuable assistance editing and formatting legal documents of substantial length and complexity.  While Tim is an extremely competent editor and proofreader with a keen eye for detail, what truly sets him apart is his skill in being a true partner for the lawyer with whom he is working. Beyond being a highly competent and dedicated editor, Tim is also a great pleasure to work with: professional, reliable, trustworthy and cheerful. He would be a great resource for anyone seeking assistance with editing and proofreading.”

Julian Weldon
Managing Director and General Counsel, Garrison Investment Group


“I am a very detail-oriented lawyer who worked with Tim on a daily basis for many years. Tim was a perfect foil for me. He made sure that he understood the context and specifics of the very complex legal documents I was working on so he could read and check my edits for content as well as form. His professionalism and enthusiasm are without peer. Thanks to Tim I was better able to leverage my time and improve my work product.”


“Tim is an immensely dependable guy. He’s that rare find among colleagues—not only intelligent, reasonable, and fun to work with but also very capable. Most of all he’s a brilliant communicator and great listener who can see the objectives of his clients and make things happen. He always got the job done for us and commanded respect for his effectiveness as a team leader and straight shooter.”

David Horner
Senior Counsel, Allen & Overy LLP, former 
Deputy Assistant Secretary of Transportation


Senior Counsel, Major International Law Firm

"Tim excels at managing sensitive projects and balancing competing demands from multiple parties with minimal guidance.  He is resourceful, thorough and effective, and his attention to detail helps to ensure that things get done on time and in the appropriate manner.  Those who work with Tim know he can be relied upon to deliver work product at a consistently high standard. I recommend Tim to any professional seeking detailed editorial assistance.”