Putting edible images on a cake is an excellent way to create a professional personalized touch for any occasion. These images are great to add impressive decorations to your cake.

Moreover, you can also use them on cookies, cupcakes, fondant, chocolate, as well as other dessert items. In this article, we will talk about applying an edible image to a cake. It may be hard for some people.

What are Edible Images?

They are the process of creating images or pre-printing it using edible food coloring. This method uses a special food-safe printer to transfer this edible food coloring to edible paper.

You can use them on cakes, cookies, as well as other pastries. You can use a standard printer to print edible paper. Also, you can use an inkjet printer.

How to Get the Edible Images off the Back Sheet

Some people find it hard to remove the image off the back sheet. You will want the image to be in an airtight sealed bag until you use it. If it is too hot or humid, the icing sugar can react to its environment.

Therefore, it will be harder to remove. The image can break if the room is cool or frigid. You should pop the sheet for about 30 seconds. It is the simplest way to remove an icing sheet with ease.

You should keep the sheet in a bag to avoid any moisture or water getting on to edible images.

How to Print an Edible Image

If you want to create a cake with printed pictures on it, you may think about creating edible photographs right in your comfort. It requires some specialty objects. You can buy these items from a large craft store.

It is essential to remove the ink cartridges currently in your printer. When printing an edible image in white and black, it is essential to take out the color cartridge. Then, insert the cartridge into your printer.

When choosing the edible ink, you need to look for the right size for your printer. After removing the paper from your printer, you need to insert the printer paper.

Then, open the computer as well as open up the printed image on the paper. Choose the file, and click print. Now, your edible images are going to print on the paper with the edible ink.

What can you put an Edible Image on?

You can use edible images on different frosting selections, such as Swiss meringue, buttercream, fondant, Italian buttercream, non-dairy topping, whipped cream, chocolate, ganache, as well as ice cream cakes.


No matter where you are in the cake decorating, you will want to put edible images on your cakes in some situations. Like being said that, it is a great way to create professional personalized touch for any occasion.

Now, you know how to print edible images and put them on your cake. We hope this post is helpful to you, and you can try it for your next cake project.

Everyone wants to eat healthily. That’s why they think about making their own food. However, you will need to take more time and effort to make meals yourself.

If you want to make more juice, you should consider using a masticating juicer. It can process your ingredients much more efficiently compared to a centrifugal one. In this article, we will let you know how to choose the best masticating juicer.

Main Types of Juicers

Here are three main types of juicers:


This type is when you physically press your foods and fruits into an auger to extract the juice. You will feel exhausted by this method. Also, it is time-consuming. However, it will not generate high yields.


This type performs similarly to a blender. In fact, it draws the liquid from the ingredients with a centrifugal system. Centrifugal juicers can leave more liquid in the pulp as you may expect. Also, this is a quick method.


A masticating juicer presses squeeze and crush your ingredients to extract more juice. Also, this method can preserve minerals as well as vitamins.

Things to Consider when Choosing the Best Masticating Juicers

You can find a lot of masticating juicers available on the market. Therefore, it is not easy to find the best one for your needs.

Let’s take a look at below some of the most important things you need to look at when choosing the best one for you.


A centrifugal juicer will be quicker than a masticating one. However, some of the masticating models are comparably fast.

If you pay attention to efficiency as well as maximum yields, you should go for ones with a low rpm rate. On the other hand, if you concern about speed, you need to go for ones with a high rpm rate.

The Speed

Of course, everyone wants to get faster appliances. However, masticating juicers typically run slowly. This slow speed is to preserve the vitamins as well as minerals produced from the juice.


Most masticating juicers are pricey. However, they are worth the money you have to pay. Most of them will offer an extended warranty.

Therefore, you can get a high-quality and durable model. Their warranties maybe around 10 years or more.


Some machines are able to chop foods, make nut milk, nut butter, and allow you to make your homemade foods for your baby. If you are looking for a model which can do more than just juice, go for one that can do other things.

Some machines can allow you to make pasta or frozen drinks. Therefore, you can select one that is multiple.

The Motor

The motor should be durable. When looking for the best masticating juicers, you should get ones with a motor delivering a high torque level.

This feature allows the machine to easily chew through even the hardest of vegetables.

Ease of Use

Masticating juicers will be available at different levels of difficulty. You will get a manual from the manufacturer. However, not all people can grasp concepts well.

The fact is that some models are naturally complex. Therefore, you need to take some time to get used to these models. For beginners, it’s best to choose juicers that are easy to use.

Ease of Cleaning

You may get difficulty when cleaning some parts of a juicer. However, you need to clean a juicer right after using it. Otherwise, it will become more difficult to wash the fruit and vegetable pulp off when they dry onto the surface.

Also, you may have to think about the dishwasher. We recommend you to find a model with a brush to make your cleaning simpler. Sure, you don’t want to waste time.

The warranty

Most of the best masticating juicers offer you a warranty of three years or more. In some situations, it may even work for an impressive fifteen years.


When looking for the best masticating juicers, most of them are durable. Also, they are simple to use. They offer a high juice yield efficiently. They promise to give you healthy vegetable and fruit juice for three days.

I hope our guide on how to choose the best masticating juices above can help you make your wise decision with ease.

Carpet is one of the factors that create luxury and high-class for your room as well as your company or hotel. Not only brings comfort and warmth to the feet on cold days but also the carpet is very aesthetic.

However, nothing is perfect, so carpets, the biggest drawback is that they are easy to get dirty and accumulate a lot of dust daily. So regular carpet cleaning is the best way to preserve carpets as well as keep a clean living space and work, safe for human health.

What happens when you don’t steam vacuum for carpet? is one common question of customers that will be dealt with in this article.

What happens if you don’t steam vacuum your carpet?

After a period of use, it is inevitable that the carpets will be covered with dust, stains, unpleasant odors and even mold. So the reason you need to wash carpets regularly are:

  •  Eliminate harmful contaminants in the carpet: Every day, the carpet will accumulate a lot of different contaminants, from food, spilled water, fur, sweat so the carpet might be the destination of most indoor dirt. So washing sofas will help remove dirt and harmful bacteria in carpets.
  • Prevent mold growth: If you use the dirty carpet for a long time without washing by a steam vacuum, this will be a favorable environment for mold to appear and grow quickly that adversely affects the durability and aesthetics of carpets and also human health. Therefore, when you steam vacuum carpets regularly, you will be able to prevent the growth of mold very effectively.
  • Eliminate unpleasant odors: Not only molds and stains cause unsightly aesthetics, but those factors will make your carpets smell very uncomfortable. So you need to wash the carpet regularly to clean and remove these unpleasant odors.
  • Maintain a clean beauty for your space: Your office or house certainly can not be clean and classy if the carpet has stains, mold or unpleasant odors. Therefore, to keep the carpets clean, to provide a fresh and cool living and working space, you need to regularly wash vacuum carpets m regularly.
  • Improve the quality of life: Dirty floor mats are the environment for harmful bacteria to grow, greatly affecting the quality of your life, especially the health of children. So you need to regularly wash carpets to eliminate the potential risk of disease to help protect health.

Advantages of carpet steam vacuum

Outstanding cleaning effect

The steam vacuum is an improved machine from a vacuum cleaner, applied on high-tech production lines. Therefore, steam vacuum machines possess many advanced features, which can effectively vacuum, absorb water and wash carpets.

The machine uses hot steam to wash carpets, users can use the carpet right after washing without drying. You are able to have a fast, effective carpet cleaning time for many different spaces such as houses, offices, hotels, shopping centers, etc.

Thanks to this modern equipment, users no longer struggle to clean the thick, heavy carpets as before.

Modern, convenient design

The products of the steam vacuum line for carpet have a modern, state-of-the-art design that brings products with high aesthetic.

In addition, the products possess a wheel system that makes it convenient to move during use. The structure of the machine is simple, just read the instruction manual carefully and operate the machine easily.

Cost savings

Compared to traditional carpet cleaning methods, it can take hours, even days to wash. Because floor mats are very large and thick, it is extremely difficult to choose manual washing.

And then you will take a few more days to dry, especially in the wet season, the carpets will be longer dry and stink. However, with a carpet steam vacuum, everything that annoys your carpets will be solved.

The steam hot washer will be the “savior” to help clean carpets quickly. It is also significant savings in electricity and water costs. That’s why investing in a carpet steam vacuum cleaner is a smart solution because you can use it yourself at home without resorting to rented laundry.

Moreover, the prices of industrial carpet washing machines, sofa washing machines such as the steam vacuum are now very affordable, suitable for the conditions of use of the majority of business today.

How to choose the best steam vacuum

Buy carpet steam vacuum from reliable brands

The brand is the first and most important factor for us to determine whether a steam cleaner is of good quality or not.

Along with that, if we choose to buy genuine products of reputable brands, with many years of experience in the field of manufacturing and distribution of industrial sanitary equipment, the efficiency of work is always guaranteed.

And at the same time avoid the risk of machine damage, malfunction after only a short time put into operation.

The material of the product

Not only the brand but also the material that contributes to the quality of the carpet washing machine.

And a good-quality carpet steam vacuum is surely made of high-quality materials such as stainless steel, durable ABS plastic, capable of withstanding strong impact force, less damaged, and not affected by environmental factors.

Thereby helping users can save a decent cost for repairing, maintaining the machine and using durable equipment

Wrapping up

Surely with the above information, you have known What happens when you don’t steam vacuum for carpet?. Hopefully, this post has helped users to have an objective view of this modern steam vacuum.

Sure, everyone wants to get a comfortable sleep at night. The right bedding materials can help you rise rejuvenated for the days’ tasks. Moreover, the right environment also plays an important role for this purpose. It’s important to get the best memory foam mattress.

In our list today, we will mention the top-rated and positively reviewed products on the market now. They are the best options you should go for. First, let’s get started with a guide on how to choose a good memory foam bed. 

How to Choose a Great Memory Foam Bed


This factor shows the amount of foam built in each layer. The fact is that thicker always means it equal high density. To get longer lifespan for your new bed, you should choose a higher density. Also, it means it may be much hotter to sleep on. And, you will need to have a cooling measure. 

In fact, heavier units tend to be more expensive compared to lighter products. However, they can give better support. Also, they are more durable. 


This is also an important factor that helps to know the sleep quality. It’s important to look for a general guideline 4” for the comfort layers. 


It is related to the weight used. Heavier mattresses tend to be firmer as well as more supportive on the whole compared to lighter versions that are going to be softer. You will see some variation in firmness from model to model. That’s why it’s important to check on the stated firmness of the foam mattresses before you choose. 

Then, you need a scale (ILD) to measure firmness. On this scale, you should choose a higher number such as 12 or 13 instead of 8 or 9 since they are going to be firmer. 

Lifespan & Durability

The lifespan is actually based on the quality of the products you choose. If you pay more money for a high-end mattress, you can get a better product. And, you should expect the product you purchase can last from seven to ten years.


The fact is that better products are going to offer you a longer warranty. Some high-quality products can give you 20 years of coverage, while other less-expensive models only offer you 5 years of coverage. Normally, the quality of a mattress is involved in the warranty given. However, it’s not always true. 

Off-Gassing and Chemicals

This factor is one of the leading complaints. For a new product, you will have to get rid of its chemical smell. This process is called off-gassing. In fact, it only lasts for a short time. If you want to buy a new mattress, you need to know this step is likely to be part of the process.

Top 5 Best Memory Foam Mattresses 

1. Signature Sleep Memory Foam Mattress

This memory foam mattress comes with four layers. It’s 10-inches thick. If you want to get the best for your bed, you should choose the Signature Sleep Memory Foam Mattress. This unit is available in different sizes. Therefore, it’s easy to choose one that matches your needs. 

Another feature of this product is that it comes with charcoal-gel memory foam. This feature is for regulating the temperature of the body as well as moisture control. This mattress also helps you to prevent odors thanks to the charcoal-gel feature. 

Additionally, this product comes with a channel cut foam layer for airflow. Furthermore, this unit is able to meet 16 CFR 1633 flammability standards. This is also a comfortable and durable mattress. 

2. Linenspa Memory Foam Innerspring Hybrid Mattresses

The Linenspa Memory Foam Innerspring Hybrid Mattress comes with all the qualities you are going for. It’s a good choice for comfort. If you are looking for the best choice for the stomach, side, and back sleepers alike, you shouldn’t miss this unit. Also, this product is an affordable option. 

The mattress is available in four layers, including the memory foam at the top, innerspring, support foam at the bottom, and the comfort foam. 

3. Sleep Innovations Memory Foam Mattress

If you are looking for a good solution for a peaceful night, the Sleep Innovations Memory Foam Mattress is right for you. It is built with 12-inches thickness. If you are going for a queen size memory foam mattress, this unit is really for you. It is available in other sizes, so you can easily choose the suitable size for you. 

In term of purpose, this model is the best for all type of sleepers. Also, it’s great for back, stomach, and side sleepers. In addition, it is popular for deluxe quilted cover, so it will offer you all the difference in terms of feeling. 

4. LUCID Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress

If you are looking for a mattress that is not too firm or too soft, you should consider buying the LUCID Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress. It is a great option for all type of sleepers. There is a 3-inches gel-infused on the top layer. It is to control the temperature. Therefore, you will get the cooling effect for a comfortable sleep. That’s also why it’s really a good option during the hot seasons. 

This model ensures to remove pressure built at any point. Thus, it will help you to enjoy a comfortable sleep posture. Besides, it comes with a ventilated top layer with a TENCEL blend cover. Therefore, you will get a breathable environment for a comfortable sleep all night. 

5. Live & Sleep Classic Memory Foam Mattress

The last name in our list is the Live & Sleep Classic Memory Foam Mattress. It promises to give you a peaceful night rest. If you want to purchase a value memory foam mattress, you can’t miss this model. It is worth every dime. 

This mattress is a comfortable choice made of cooler innovation. It comes in a breathable design for ultimate comfort. Therefore, you will get refreshment for your body. 

Furthermore, it’s also certified, non-toxic, and eco-friendly. Additionally, this product is hypoallergenic and hence suitable for anyone. The mattress is 10-inches thick. It ensures to give you a medium-feel. It works well for all type of sleepers.


We’ve already given you the top five best memory foam mattresses recommended highly on the market today. They are enough for you to make a great decision. They are the best options for your bed. Although they come at different prices, you always can get one within your budget because of the variety of options availed for you. Hopefully, our tips and reviews are useful for you. And, they will help to narrow your choices. 

When you move into a new place, it means that you will get new upgrades such as new home, new furniture, and new appliances. And, it will be a challenge for you if you are moving with a new mattress. There is a wide range of choices for you when it comes to disposing of mattresses without adding to landfills.

Therefore, you need to choose a responsible mattress disposal option. First, it’s important to consider its condition. If you have a new mattress, you can sell or donate it in order not to go to waste. Read on this article to learn how to dispose of a mattress for free.

How to Recycle a Mattress

Call a local recycling centre

You should take a few phone calls. It’s best to look for a recycling facility in your area. Remember to choose ones that accept the whole mattress. Some of these recycling facilities recycle your mattress during certain times of the year. And, you will have to pay at least $30 for pickup.

We recommend you to consider Rhode Island, Connecticut, and California because they come with all enacted laws that you can recycle mattress for free.

If it’s hard for you to look for a place to recycle your mattress, you should ask local universities for advice because they normally partner with recycling services.

DIY mattress recycling

If you have the time for taking a DIY approach, you can tear the mattress apart yourself. There are some things you can recycle such as wood frame, Polyurethane foam, steel springs, and outer foam.

In fact, you will need to take more time for DIY recycling compared to having somebody else who helps to take the mattress off your hands. However, this option is better for the environment compared to leaving it in a dumpster.

Repurpose it

If you choose DIY mattress recycling, you can discover all the cool things from your old mattress. You can use the springs for making fun outdoor art projects. Also, wine racks and the padding can be used for a dog bed. The fabric can be used for a cushion cover. And, the thread can be used for a sewing project.

How to Donate a Mattress

Only when your mattress is in decent shape, you should donate it. Then, you need to create more work for charity. Also, it’s essential to figure out how to dispose of the mattress soon after leaving it with them.

Donate to charity

Remember that because of the prevalence of bed bugs, you can’t look for a location that accepts mattress donations. In fact, many charities don’t agree to sell donated mattresses. However, they still accept them to reuse. Besides, they can also recycle them for you.

You can determine if non-profit thrift stores and charities in your area accept used mattress by calling them to ask about their policies. There are some examples of charities you can contact such as the Salvation Army, DonationTown.org, and Furniture Bank Association.

Give it away

In order to save the hassle of tearing the mattress, you can advertise the mattress that doesn’t work for free.  We recommend you to try a website like Freecycle.org because it connects community members with those giving things away in their place.

How to Sell a Mattress

Sell your mattress locally

Before considering this option, it’s important to make sure that selling a mattress is illegal in your country. In fact, many countries accept to sell an old mattress after you clean it in a specific method. Check with your state to know its regulation.

You may need to contact your state departments of Consumer Affairs, Health, and Agriculture of Licensing. If your budget is a problem, you should think local when advertising. It’s best to start in the country that allows for an advertisement as a community centre, library, or locally-owned restaurant.

Sell your mattress online

There are some websites you can consider to consumer sales such as Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist. Besides, you can consider using your local social network if you want to advertise your mattress. Then, put an advertisement on all the social networking sites. For the best result, you can ask your friends to share your post.

How to Haul Away a Mattress

Use a waste disposal service

Actually, you can call a dumpster rental or waste disposal service in order to haul your mattress for you. It’s essential to do some extra work such as wrapping it in plastic.

Have the new mattress company haul your used one away

The fact is that you can get a new mattress when many mattress companies haul your used one away to recycle it. This is a great option because it doesn’t require you to do anything other when compared to paying a small fee for the labor related to removing and hauling away the old one.

We advise you to arrange your new mattress delivered before moving it. This is perfect for a local move because you will have to move your new mattress anyway.


It’s necessary to think about how you can do to get rid of your old mattress before the new one is delivered. There are many options for you. They include recycling, donating, and selling your mattress. All of them are to keep the old mattress out of the landfill. Therefore, you can enjoy the new one after that. In this way, you can protect the environment.

If there is a bloodstain on your mattress, you may think about purchasing a new mattress, right? However, it’s not essential. Actually, you can learn how to get blood out of your mattress so you can save your wallet. In this article, we will give you some effective ways to do this. Keep reading this article to discover them.

How to Remove Blood Stains

As you know, it’s not easy to remove blood because it is known for hemoglobin and iron contained. They are really difficult to remove if they oxidize or dry. Therefore, it’s important to deal with a bloodstain when it is still fresh. Now, let’s take a look at six cleaning methods you can consider if you want to remove tough bloodstains.

Enzyme Cleaner

Although this option is not natural or homemade, it is known as one of the best ways to get the job done. You will need to work with common household items such as baking soda before buying an enzyme cleaner.

You can find an oxygenated enzyme at most grocery stores out there. It is a great choice for eliminating bloodstains. Also, you can choose an oxygenated bleach enzyme cleaner because it can be able to break down the stain at a molecular level.

Remember to follow the direction on your enzyme cleaner in order to make sure it’s safe to use. However, don’t apply it directly. Instead, apply it to a towel. Then, pat it on the stain.

Baking Soda

If you are looking for natural and homemade remedies, you can choose baking soda. It’s actually a tested solution. It can be able to budge even the most stubborn of stains.

First, you need to apply baking soda to the stain. Next, it’s time to use white vinegar to spray the area. It’s essential to leave to bubble for 30 minutes. Then, dab away the solution with a clean cloth. Remember to dab it until all traces of the solution are removed.

Corn Starch Mixture

You need a mixture of a ½ cup of cornstarch and a ¼ cup of hydrogen peroxide. At the same time, add 1 tablespoon of salt to the mixture in order to make a thick paste. Then, use this mixture to apply directly to the stain. Keep it for 30 minutes.

In order to loosen up the stain, you need to use a toothbrush. Then, use a cold and wet cloth to remove the paste. Next, use a clean towel to dab any wetness until it becomes dry.

Talcum Powder

Use talcum powder and mix it with water until this mixture becomes a form of a thick paste. Then, apply this paste to the bloodstain. After that, leave it until dry. Next, you need to use a vacuum cleaner in order to remove all the leftover solution.

Meat Tenderizer

Meat tenderizer is clear. It is not the hammer. It contains bromelain and papain. They can be able to break down proteins at a molecular level. Actually, it can make the meat tender. In addition, it’s also a good option for a protein-based stain remover.

It’s simple to use. You just need to make a mixture of 1 tablespoon of meat tenderizer and 2 tablespoons of water until it becomes a paste. Then, apply this mixture to stain. Next, leave it to dry. Last, use a vacuum cleaner to remove.


Another method to get blood out of a mattress is using ammonia. You can use it to remove tough stains. However, be careful when using ammonia because it can damage silk and wool. Avoid mixing it with chlorine bleach.

The thing you need to do is to mix one tablespoon of this solution with one cup of cold water. Dip into the ammonia solution by using a clean white towel. Then, dab on the bloodstain until it has lifted. Next, use a clean cloth to spot away from any remaining ammonia solution.

How to Get Blood Out of a Memory Foam Mattress

The fact is that you have to take a long time to wait for the memory foam to be dry. Therefore, it’s great to avoid getting your memory foam mattress soaking wet. If there is a blood splotch on your memory foam, you can consider using any of the above methods. However, remember not to get it wet. We recommend you to use an enzyme cleaner or baking soda solution. They seem to be the best solution for stained memory foam.

How to Get Dried Blood Out of a Mattress

Right after a fresh stain happens, you need to get it out of your mattress in order to make sure it won’t leave a lasting impression on your mattress. If blood stains become dry, you will need to use a special enzyme cleaner to remove it from your mattress.   

How to Remove Period Stains from Your Bed Sheets

The most popular reason that causes blood stains is because of menstruation. However, it’s not difficult to clean sheets. Indeed, it’s easier to clean sheets when compared to a mattress.

If you are looking for a method to remove stains from your bedsheets, you can pre-treat them before you decide to throw them into the washing machine. Here are three ways to handle period stains on your bedsheets:

Remove blood with WD-40

This is one of the handiest household items. Also, it’s known as a great stain remover. It can work well on removing bloodstains. You just need to spray the stain with it until it’s saturated. After that, you need to launder as usual.

Use cola on bloody sheets

We can also use cola as a great stain remover. It contains carbonic acid and phosphoric acid. They can work to break down stubborn stains. You just need to empty a can into the washing machine with your sheets.

Apply Aspirin to soiled sheets

You need to mix Aspirin with cold water until it has a form of a thick paste. Then, apply it to the stains. Then, leave the solution for at least 30 minutes. Once the paste becomes dry, you can launder as usual.

After you remove your bloodstain, you should consider getting a mattress protector. It ensures to protect your mattress from unpleasant stains. Then, you can keep your mattress last longer.


We’ve just mentioned you some specific techniques you can use to remove tough blood stains from your mattress. All of them are effective ways. So, you can apply any of them.

However, we recommend you to remove blood from your mattress as soon as possible. It’s best to do this right after it occurs to prevent it from drying.

There are two of the most difficult items to dispose of. They include electronics and mattresses. It’s not easy to do mattress disposal. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t get rid of it properly. Actually, many people believe it is simply a problem of taking away for landfill. However, it’s not a good method of disposing of a mattress. Let’s check out this post. We will give you some mattress disposal suggestions. Then, you can get a great look at easy ways how to get rid of a mattress.

Ask When You Buy a New Mattress

When you shopping for a new mattress, it’s important to ask the retailer what they suggest regarding the disposal of your old mattress. Consider it before making your purchase. They may ask you to take it away for you when the new mattress is delivered. You also should ask for a reasonable price.

Local Authority Waste Disposal

It’s also important to contact your local authority waste. Then, you may get a collection of any bulky items for a fee from them. When it comes to this respect, you can be lucky or not because each authority is autonomous.

Local Mattress Recycling Service

Besides garbage disposal, some countries may come with a mattress recycling program. For example, the Mattress Recycling Council operates Bye Bye Mattress. If you are living in a state in the US, you can check out a near mattress recycling collection site that uses the mattress recycling locator. If you are staying in other countries, you can check for similar facilities that are near you.

Sell Your Old Mattress

If your mattress is still in a good shape, consider selling it. Remember to clean it professionally. Then, you can sell your old mattress on some sites such as Gumtree, eBay, as well as some other websites. However, you won’t get much money on it. Even, you may offer the mattress free for collection.

In addition to getting the mattress cleaned professionally, you also need to provide a photograph. It’s easy to get a buyer if you provide a photo as well as a detailed description of the mattress.

Donate the Mattress

There are a few ways to donate an old mattress. You may not know that your mattress can get double weight if you use it after 10 years because of accumulations of dust mites, perspiration, dead skin cells, and bacteria as well.

The Salvation Army may collect it free. Therefore, keep your old mattress with a clean-looking so they can accept the donation. Also, you can try local churches because they may take it for use in shelters or similar places.

Offer the Mattress to an Animal Rescue Organization

In a suitable condition, mattresses may be accepted by animal rescue organizations. In fact, most rescue centers accept them for their rescue animals that are waiting for adoption. And, they may collect it free for a small administration if they’re next to you.

Use Your Mattress to Create a Compost Heap

If you want to dispose of an entire bed, you can use the frame to hold a compost heap. It can be filled with compostable waste materials such as vegetable peelings, unfinished meals, or scrapings, vegetables, or fruit leftovers, as well as any other waste.

The entire mattress may be used to cover the compost heap. And, you can use any foam or fabric leftover to suppress weed growth from the late winter to the early spring.

Cut it up for Recycling and Disposal

If you find any of the above methods not suitable for you, you will wonder what you should do with your old mattress. You can cut your old mattress. Then, put it into your household garbage until it has all gone.

Actually, this may be a great solution for many people. There are some essential items for this such as a hammer, a sharp knife, a hacksaw, and a saw. Although it seems to be best to consider a bolt cutter, you still should get a hacksaw.

Advertise it for free

If any of the above recommendations can work for you, you need to think about an easier solution. You can advertise it for free collection in order to dispose of it free of any cost. In fact, you can get free ads from some newspapers and magazines for this type of thing. This method requires no money. Indeed, it’s not essential to cost anything to advertise.  


There are our suggestions on how to get rid of a mattress. Not all of them can be suitable for all people. Therefore, you need to choose one that is the best option for you. The fact is that there are about almost 90% of recyclable mattress materials. Then, they should be taken by local authorities and recycling centers. It’s not easy to find out how to get rid of a mattress. Hopefully, our tips are useful for you. And, they can help you find it much easier to do it.

You plan to set up your own cannabis grow room, but you don’t have much money to do this. It’s actually not easy to contribute so much cash. This place is right for you.

In this article, we will give you all the important knowledge you need to know if you want to get going. Keep reading this post and apply for better prospects.

Grow Room Requirements


The light is actually is the most important thing to consider when setting up a grow room. As a grower, we need to make sure space is made light-proof.

In fact, we need optimum yields in order to give our plants one day of the undisturbed night as well as one daylight essentially. If your grow room is not lightproof, it can lead to a great loss of revenue and yields.

It’s important to pay attention to any electrical machines left in the room. They bring little lights emitting a great deal of light that may disturb your plants.

Air tight

If your plants are in bloom and yielding stunning buds, it’s time for the fragrance to begin spreading too. They will begin to spread some degree of strong scent. It can make airtight grow room.

In fact, our grow rooms need lesser air splits in. If you notice your plants begin to smell. Then, you will be accustomed to it. As a result, they will make zero smell. In fact, you will experience unbearable stench.

If you are going to set up a grow room, it’s important to make sure it operates as an isolated cell.

Fresh air

The fact is that light, CO2, and water are essential for all green plants so they can produce sugar and oxygen through photosynthesis. Actually, it may be up to 350ppm of carbon dioxide in any closed area.

Moreover, your plant growth may be declined if not having an adequate approach to carbon dioxide. Therefore, you can consider using a CO2 tank designed with a controller. In order to refresh the air of the environment, you can also consider a small ventilation system as well.


Your plants may suffer from a quiet hot climate during the 18/12 hours of lights. You should keep your plants at the temperature between 64 and 84 degrees Celsius. It’s extremely important to maintain the temperature at night.

Reflective walls

When you are going to set up a grow room, it’s important to make sure it is equipped with reflective walls to increase coverage. At the same time, it can help to maintain a uniform environment.

We recommend you to consider choosing the Mylar. It uses a heavy duty silver tarp. It’s known as one of the best choices for reflecting light as well as increasing coverage.


One of the most important equipments for growers is the thermometer. It’s used to check the temperature of the inner environment.

It’s best to use a thermometer without disturbing the environment. It’s a digital one designed with memory features that can help to regulate the long term trends.

Moisture in Air

It’s not easy to keep your grow room clean. That’s why you should consider putting a gathering rack. For this, we need to get an edge 1.1 m wide and a stature of 15 cm. The mixture of it and a similar dark white plastic can make it nonporous.

The gathering rack aims to reduce the chances of ailments in your cannabis. This rack can remain all trash such as dead leaves, soil, and sprinkled water.

LED grow lights

They have become one of the most trending lights growers are using in grow rooms today. They are especially perfect for growing marijuana. They are popular for their durability. Also, they are considered as exact supplements of sunlight.

There is a lot of choices when it comes to the best LED grow lights available in the market now. If you find it difficult to choose the best one, we will suggest you choosing Apollo, Unifun, and King. They are affordable choices.

Grow tents

These items are made for those who are going to grow their plants indoors. They are available in lightproof, airtight, and waterproof grow tents. Each of them is to preserve the internal environment. They are especially used to hang up your lamp.


Nutrients are important for your plants. They are the key to the amount and nature of your yields. They are crafted to replenish they need. You just should look for supplements intended for eatable plants.

In fact, there are chemicals found in some flower nutrients. They may be alright for use in marijuana growth.


The cost of equipment seems to be the main reason why many growers don’t grow marijuana. The fact is that you can pay less than$ for the most basic setup. However, you can also have to spend a few hundred dollars to be yielding ounces at a time.

In this post, we’ve already covered your cheap grow room requirements. They are necessary for the most basic grow room setup.

Marijuana has been popular all around the world for thousands of years. Their seeds actually germinate in 3-7 days. Some others may take between 10 and 15 days for this. There are some factors needed to be controlled for marijuana seeds to sprout such as light, temperature, and humidity/moisture. Let’s take a look at this article to learn how to germinate marijuana seeds.

Use a Moist Paper Towel

Obtain necessary materials

In this way, you will use basic items you can look for around your house. In addition, you still have to buy distilled water and PH test strips.

These basic items include feminized cannabis seeds, 2 clean dinner plates, 1-2 gallons of distilled water, 1 roll of paper towels, PH test kit, a warm place to store seeds, good potting soil, lightweight fluorescent lights, seed tray or plastic cups, and grow light timer.

Soak seeds in distilled water for 24 hours

Use the container to soak the seeds. Fill it with tap water. It’s important to keep it sitting in the open for about 2 days to evaporate the chlorine. Also, you can buy distilled water from a grocery store.

The PH of the water should be from 5.8 to 6.5. This PH is ideal to ensure the right germination. In order to help the seeds sink, give them a little tap with the tweezers.

Two sheets of paper towels should be laid over a dinner plate

 You need to use distilled water under the temperature of your room in order to moisten the paper towels.

Hold marijuana seeds in the center of moist paper towel

You can remove seeds from water by using tweezers. Then, use 2 additional moist paper towel sheets to cover them. Next, put the paper towels and seeds under a second dinner plate in order to keep them warm.

We recommend you to keep your seeds at the temperature between 70 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit so they can germinate. Don’t forget to check seeds as well as paper towels regularly.

Plant your germinated seeds

You need to observe a small white taproot from the end of the seeds after 5-6 days. Use good potting soil to fill a plastic cup or a tray until saturated.

A spray bottle should be used to make sure the soil is moist, while it is not inundated. Normally, a sprout lasts within 4-6 days. And, seedling should have leaves after about 2 weeks.

Seed tray or plastic cup should be set with seedlings under a fluorescent. And, the grow light needs to be set to a 24 hour light cycle.

It normally takes 24 hours to germinate seeds. However, this process may be reduced to 16 hours.

Start Seeds in Rockwool Cubes

Obtain necessary materials

This method is actually better at retaining water compared to paper towels. It allows you to maintain a constant PH. Moreover, it’s easier to transplant after sprouting as well.

The essential materials include feminized cannabis seeds, small pointed object, set of 1 inch Rockwool plastic or metal tweezers, tweezers, waterproof tray, pH test kit, a warm place to store seeds, pH balancing chemicals, good potting soil, lightweight fluorescent lights, and grow light timer.

Stabilize and hydrate Rockwool cubes

There is an alkaline pH of 7.8 found in Rockwool. This is too high for marijuana seeds. You need to use distilled water to fill a bowl. Also, you can fill it with tap water. Then, measure pH of water with test strips.

Prepare Rockwool cubes for seeds

Use a waterproof tray to place soaked cubes in. The fact is that there are some preformed holes found in some cubes. Most importantly, the hole must be wide enough to fit the seed.

One cannabis seed needs to be placed in each hole. You have to use a toothpick in order to gently push it down. Then, use a small piece of Rockwool to cover the hole. This purposes to create a dark environment.

Use a clear plastic dome to cover tray

This step is to maintain a humid environment. The tray that is covered should be put with cubes 2-3 inches under the fluorescent tube. And, the lights should be left on 2 days.

Transplant sprouted seeds

The roots should start to poke out of the Rockwool cube after 2-3 weeks. It’s a great idea to transplant your seedling before they start to tangle. When you cut a ¼ inch wide by 1-inch deep hole, you need to be careful in order not to touch or damage the roots.

Plant Cannabis Seeds in Soil

Germinate cannabis directly in soil

This method is beneficial because it can help to decrease the risk of damaging the plant after transplanting as a seedling. You can invest in a propagation kit. Also, you can create your own. There are some essential things, including feminized cannabis seeds, waterproof tray, small peat cups, thermometer, 402 fluorescent grow light, Saran wrap, pH balanced water, and pH test strips.

Choose the right potting soil

Look for an entirely organic soil mix like Sunshine Mix. Remember to check the bag so you can choose the pH between 5.5 and 7. If you want, you can also choose pearlite separately and mix it in.

Also, you can buy a mycorrhizae mixture to add to the soil. This mixture is a great option for plant root growth.

Use soil mix and plant marijuana seeds to fill peat cups

You need to make a small 0.75cm deep hole in the center of the cup. Use your finger to do this. Then, sow a single marijuana seed in the hole. Next, cover it with soil.

Remember to put peace cups in waterproof tray. Prepare a spray bottle. Then, fill it with the pH-balanced water from 5.5 to 6.5. Once you see the water seeping out of the cups, it’s time to stop watering immediately.

It’s important to check soil 2-3 times per day in order to ensure to keep it moist. And, spray with pH-balanced water when necessary.

Monitor the environment

There are some environmental factors that can affect cannabis germination and growth such as moisture, insects, temperature, ultraviolet radiation, and bacteria, as well as fungi.

Set a thermometer near the peat cups. Place it under the saran wrap dome. It’s best to germinate your cannabis seeds at the temperature of 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Once they have left, the temperature can be reduced between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

If there are insects, you need to use your hands to remove them in order to prevent an infestation.


We’ve just guided you on how to germinate cannabis seeds. Sure, you are ready to start growing your own cannabis. Keep in mind it’s important to provide your plants with water, light, and foods if needed. Also, don’t forget to keep the environment at the right temperature and humidity. Besides, it’s important to avoid so many problems. To do that, you need to maintain the right parameters. Last, we just want to recommend you to label your seeds, clones, and seedling to avoid confusion.

As a grower, one of the most important bits of equipment you need is your light. It’s important to feed your plants high-quality light so they can produce high-quality yields.

We recommend you to use good LED grow lights because of their energy efficiency, full spectrum, and durability. However, it’s not an easy task to find the right light for your plants.

Today, we will help you to learn about all the essential info you need to know about this topic.

Do LED Grow Light Work for Growing Plants?

LEDs grow lights actually are small electronic components. They are made from 2 different types of semiconductor material. They include electrons and holes. The first one is a negative charge, and another one is a positive charge.

If the LED grows light applies properly voltage, electrons and holes will collide releasing energy.

Color variation of the LED grows lights influence plant growth. In fact, they affect the root and flower formation due to red and blue light spectra. Some of LED grow light system offers more spectrums, so they can give you higher quality plants.

What size LED Grow Light Do you need?

In order to determine the size of LED grow light you need, you have to determine the exact size of your grow space first.

The size of your grow space

If you are growing cannabis, you need to use a minimum of 50w of light to cover each square foot. Then, your plants can get lots of energy to produce big potent buds. Therefore, it’s important to determine the square footage of your grow space.

How many plants can you grow?

Generally, you have to give each cannabis plant at least 1square foot of space. An essential rule of the process is to grow between 1-6 plants in a large 5-gallon fabric container. In fact, most LED grow lights are capable of covering about 1-6 plants.

In order to grow any more plants, you need to buy multiple lights in order to hang side by side. It will help to cover the entire canopy.

You will need to give your plants around the shaft of the power (25w) during their vegetation stage. Most of the lighting systems now are designed with VEG and Bloom switches that are essential for your plants during the vegetation and flowering stages.

Which LED Grow Light Should You Choose?

If you still wonder if which LED grow light you should choose, let’s take a look at a detailed list below. We will give you the name of the best grow lights on the market today. They may be helpful for you:

  • Viparspectra 300w LED grow light
  • Roleadro 300w LED grow light
  • MarsHydro 300w LED grow light

Three LED grow lights are great choices for a small grow space. You should consider using them to set up between 1-4 plants. They also are for a 1 to 4 square foot grow space.

To decide which one is the best for your crops. Don’t forget to read all the reviews of customers and consider before you make your decision.

How Far Should LED Grow Lights be from Plants?

If you want to grow strong and healthier plants, you need the right distance from LED to grow lights to plants. Also, this helps to make sure the lights won’t burn your plants out. Always remember that LED grows lights can burn your plants if you place them too close your plants.

In fact, there will be yellow spots all over your plant’s leaves if you let them be overexposed to their light source. Also, this can lead to nutrient deficiencies.

There are various distances. Therefore, we will have no specific distance of your LED grow lights from your crops. Then, it’s essential to take a look at the shape, size, as well as the wattage of the LED grow lights you use.

It’s important to check the specifications of the lighting system you have. If there are no recommendations when it comes to the distance between your LED grow light and your plants, you should contact the manufacturer.

How Many Watts Should My LED Grow Light be?

Nowadays, LED bulbs have become one of the most effective ways to grow your plants indoors. They mainly come in three models, including 3w, 5w, and 10w.

The fact is that a 3w LED bulb can be able to run potential at 4w though its lifespan may be reduced. Actually, these measurements are only an estimate of the manufacturers.

However, it’s easy to realize that a 5w can give better light penetration compared to a 3w because it’s made on a larger chip.

You can consider purchasing COB lights. They are known as relatively new technology. These lights packages many 3w or 5w LED chips. They promise to give your plants greater light intensity as well as increased penetration rates.

In order to help you know how many watts you need for your grow area. We will give you the following bullet points:

  • 1 by 1 – 32w
  • 2 by 2 – 128w
  • 3 by 3 – 288w
  • 4 by 4 – 512w
  • 6 by 6 – 1152w

Is Watts a Reliable Measurement of Light Output?

This is just a unit measuring energy. Therefore, you can’t determine the quality of light a LED grow light produces based on it. Normally, ones with higher wattage will produce more light.

According to many growers, the optimal number is around 300-500W per square meter. Therefore, you should consider using a 400-600W LED grow light.

In order to get a quality to grow light for your indoor plants, you also need to pay attention to color temperature, light intensity, and light wavelengths. They are also important measurements.


Now, you already had all the essential info you need to know about grow lights. Hopefully, it can help you much on how to choose the right to grow light for your project.

Today, the market is filled with many products and brands. Therefore, you may be overwhelmed with them. Once again, hope that you find our guide useful, and they can help you make your decision with ease. Happy shopping!