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Putting edible images on a cake is an excellent way to create a professional personalized touch for any occasion. These images are great to add impressive decorations to your cake.

Moreover, you can also use them on cookies, cupcakes, fondant, chocolate, as well as other dessert items. In this article, we will talk about applying an edible image to a cake. It may be hard for some people.

What are Edible Images?

They are the process of creating images or pre-printing it using edible food coloring. This method uses a special food-safe printer to transfer this edible food coloring to edible paper.

You can use them on cakes, cookies, as well as other pastries. You can use a standard printer to print edible paper. Also, you can use an inkjet printer.

How to Get the Edible Images off the Back Sheet

Some people find it hard to remove the image off the back sheet. You will want the image to be in an airtight sealed bag until you use it. If it is too hot or humid, the icing sugar can react to its environment.

Therefore, it will be harder to remove. The image can break if the room is cool or frigid. You should pop the sheet for about 30 seconds. It is the simplest way to remove an icing sheet with ease.

You should keep the sheet in a bag to avoid any moisture or water getting on to edible images.

How to Print an Edible Image

If you want to create a cake with printed pictures on it, you may think about creating edible photographs right in your comfort. It requires some specialty objects. You can buy these items from a large craft store.

It is essential to remove the ink cartridges currently in your printer. When printing an edible image in white and black, it is essential to take out the color cartridge. Then, insert the cartridge into your printer.

When choosing the edible ink, you need to look for the right size for your printer. After removing the paper from your printer, you need to insert the printer paper.

Then, open the computer as well as open up the printed image on the paper. Choose the file, and click print. Now, your edible images are going to print on the paper with the edible ink.

What can you put an Edible Image on?

You can use edible images on different frosting selections, such as Swiss meringue, buttercream, fondant, Italian buttercream, non-dairy topping, whipped cream, chocolate, ganache, as well as ice cream cakes.


No matter where you are in the cake decorating, you will want to put edible images on your cakes in some situations. Like being said that, it is a great way to create professional personalized touch for any occasion.

Now, you know how to print edible images and put them on your cake. We hope this post is helpful to you, and you can try it for your next cake project.

Everyone wants to eat healthily. That’s why they think about making their own food. However, you will need to take more time and effort to make meals yourself.

If you want to make more juice, you should consider using a masticating juicer. It can process your ingredients much more efficiently compared to a centrifugal one. In this article, we will let you know how to choose the best masticating juicer.

Main Types of Juicers

Here are three main types of juicers:


This type is when you physically press your foods and fruits into an auger to extract the juice. You will feel exhausted by this method. Also, it is time-consuming. However, it will not generate high yields.


This type performs similarly to a blender. In fact, it draws the liquid from the ingredients with a centrifugal system. Centrifugal juicers can leave more liquid in the pulp as you may expect. Also, this is a quick method.


A masticating juicer presses squeeze and crush your ingredients to extract more juice. Also, this method can preserve minerals as well as vitamins.

Things to Consider when Choosing the Best Masticating Juicers

You can find a lot of masticating juicers available on the market. Therefore, it is not easy to find the best one for your needs.

Let’s take a look at below some of the most important things you need to look at when choosing the best one for you.


A centrifugal juicer will be quicker than a masticating one. However, some of the masticating models are comparably fast.

If you pay attention to efficiency as well as maximum yields, you should go for ones with a low rpm rate. On the other hand, if you concern about speed, you need to go for ones with a high rpm rate.

The Speed

Of course, everyone wants to get faster appliances. However, masticating juicers typically run slowly. This slow speed is to preserve the vitamins as well as minerals produced from the juice.


Most masticating juicers are pricey. However, they are worth the money you have to pay. Most of them will offer an extended warranty.

Therefore, you can get a high-quality and durable model. Their warranties maybe around 10 years or more.


Some machines are able to chop foods, make nut milk, nut butter, and allow you to make your homemade foods for your baby. If you are looking for a model which can do more than just juice, go for one that can do other things.

Some machines can allow you to make pasta or frozen drinks. Therefore, you can select one that is multiple.

The Motor

The motor should be durable. When looking for the best masticating juicers, you should get ones with a motor delivering a high torque level.

This feature allows the machine to easily chew through even the hardest of vegetables.

Ease of Use

Masticating juicers will be available at different levels of difficulty. You will get a manual from the manufacturer. However, not all people can grasp concepts well.

The fact is that some models are naturally complex. Therefore, you need to take some time to get used to these models. For beginners, it’s best to choose juicers that are easy to use.

Ease of Cleaning

You may get difficulty when cleaning some parts of a juicer. However, you need to clean a juicer right after using it. Otherwise, it will become more difficult to wash the fruit and vegetable pulp off when they dry onto the surface.

Also, you may have to think about the dishwasher. We recommend you to find a model with a brush to make your cleaning simpler. Sure, you don’t want to waste time.

The warranty

Most of the best masticating juicers offer you a warranty of three years or more. In some situations, it may even work for an impressive fifteen years.


When looking for the best masticating juicers, most of them are durable. Also, they are simple to use. They offer a high juice yield efficiently. They promise to give you healthy vegetable and fruit juice for three days.

I hope our guide on how to choose the best masticating juices above can help you make your wise decision with ease.

Carpet is one of the factors that create luxury and high-class for your room as well as your company or hotel. Not only brings comfort and warmth to the feet on cold days but also the carpet is very aesthetic.

However, nothing is perfect, so carpets, the biggest drawback is that they are easy to get dirty and accumulate a lot of dust daily. So regular carpet cleaning is the best way to preserve carpets as well as keep a clean living space and work, safe for human health.

What happens when you don’t steam vacuum for carpet? is one common question of customers that will be dealt with in this article.

What happens if you don’t steam vacuum your carpet?

After a period of use, it is inevitable that the carpets will be covered with dust, stains, unpleasant odors and even mold. So the reason you need to wash carpets regularly are:

  •  Eliminate harmful contaminants in the carpet: Every day, the carpet will accumulate a lot of different contaminants, from food, spilled water, fur, sweat so the carpet might be the destination of most indoor dirt. So washing sofas will help remove dirt and harmful bacteria in carpets.
  • Prevent mold growth: If you use the dirty carpet for a long time without washing by a steam vacuum, this will be a favorable environment for mold to appear and grow quickly that adversely affects the durability and aesthetics of carpets and also human health. Therefore, when you steam vacuum carpets regularly, you will be able to prevent the growth of mold very effectively.
  • Eliminate unpleasant odors: Not only molds and stains cause unsightly aesthetics, but those factors will make your carpets smell very uncomfortable. So you need to wash the carpet regularly to clean and remove these unpleasant odors.
  • Maintain a clean beauty for your space: Your office or house certainly can not be clean and classy if the carpet has stains, mold or unpleasant odors. Therefore, to keep the carpets clean, to provide a fresh and cool living and working space, you need to regularly wash vacuum carpets m regularly.
  • Improve the quality of life: Dirty floor mats are the environment for harmful bacteria to grow, greatly affecting the quality of your life, especially the health of children. So you need to regularly wash carpets to eliminate the potential risk of disease to help protect health.

Advantages of carpet steam vacuum

Outstanding cleaning effect

The steam vacuum is an improved machine from a vacuum cleaner, applied on high-tech production lines. Therefore, steam vacuum machines possess many advanced features, which can effectively vacuum, absorb water and wash carpets.

The machine uses hot steam to wash carpets, users can use the carpet right after washing without drying. You are able to have a fast, effective carpet cleaning time for many different spaces such as houses, offices, hotels, shopping centers, etc.

Thanks to this modern equipment, users no longer struggle to clean the thick, heavy carpets as before.

Modern, convenient design

The products of the steam vacuum line for carpet have a modern, state-of-the-art design that brings products with high aesthetic.

In addition, the products possess a wheel system that makes it convenient to move during use. The structure of the machine is simple, just read the instruction manual carefully and operate the machine easily.

Cost savings

Compared to traditional carpet cleaning methods, it can take hours, even days to wash. Because floor mats are very large and thick, it is extremely difficult to choose manual washing.

And then you will take a few more days to dry, especially in the wet season, the carpets will be longer dry and stink. However, with a carpet steam vacuum, everything that annoys your carpets will be solved.

The steam hot washer will be the “savior” to help clean carpets quickly. It is also significant savings in electricity and water costs. That’s why investing in a carpet steam vacuum cleaner is a smart solution because you can use it yourself at home without resorting to rented laundry.

Moreover, the prices of industrial carpet washing machines, sofa washing machines such as the steam vacuum are now very affordable, suitable for the conditions of use of the majority of business today.

How to choose the best steam vacuum

Buy carpet steam vacuum from reliable brands

The brand is the first and most important factor for us to determine whether a steam cleaner is of good quality or not.

Along with that, if we choose to buy genuine products of reputable brands, with many years of experience in the field of manufacturing and distribution of industrial sanitary equipment, the efficiency of work is always guaranteed.

And at the same time avoid the risk of machine damage, malfunction after only a short time put into operation.

The material of the product

Not only the brand but also the material that contributes to the quality of the carpet washing machine.

And a good-quality carpet steam vacuum is surely made of high-quality materials such as stainless steel, durable ABS plastic, capable of withstanding strong impact force, less damaged, and not affected by environmental factors.

Thereby helping users can save a decent cost for repairing, maintaining the machine and using durable equipment

Wrapping up

Surely with the above information, you have known What happens when you don’t steam vacuum for carpet?. Hopefully, this post has helped users to have an objective view of this modern steam vacuum.