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How to Dispose Of a Mattress for Free

When you move into a new place, it means that you will get new upgrades such as new home, new furniture, and new appliances. And, it will be a challenge for you if you are moving with a new mattress. There is a wide range of choices for you when it comes to disposing of mattresses without adding to landfills.

Therefore, you need to choose a responsible mattress disposal option. First, it’s important to consider its condition. If you have a new mattress, you can sell or donate it in order not to go to waste. Read on this article to learn how to dispose of a mattress for free.

How to Recycle a Mattress

Call a local recycling centre

You should take a few phone calls. It’s best to look for a recycling facility in your area. Remember to choose ones that accept the whole mattress. Some of these recycling facilities recycle your mattress during certain times of the year. And, you will have to pay at least $30 for pickup.

We recommend you to consider Rhode Island, Connecticut, and California because they come with all enacted laws that you can recycle mattress for free.

If it’s hard for you to look for a place to recycle your mattress, you should ask local universities for advice because they normally partner with recycling services.

DIY mattress recycling

If you have the time for taking a DIY approach, you can tear the mattress apart yourself. There are some things you can recycle such as wood frame, Polyurethane foam, steel springs, and outer foam.

In fact, you will need to take more time for DIY recycling compared to having somebody else who helps to take the mattress off your hands. However, this option is better for the environment compared to leaving it in a dumpster.

Repurpose it

If you choose DIY mattress recycling, you can discover all the cool things from your old mattress. You can use the springs for making fun outdoor art projects. Also, wine racks and the padding can be used for a dog bed. The fabric can be used for a cushion cover. And, the thread can be used for a sewing project.

How to Donate a Mattress

Only when your mattress is in decent shape, you should donate it. Then, you need to create more work for charity. Also, it’s essential to figure out how to dispose of the mattress soon after leaving it with them.

Donate to charity

Remember that because of the prevalence of bed bugs, you can’t look for a location that accepts mattress donations. In fact, many charities don’t agree to sell donated mattresses. However, they still accept them to reuse. Besides, they can also recycle them for you.

You can determine if non-profit thrift stores and charities in your area accept used mattress by calling them to ask about their policies. There are some examples of charities you can contact such as the Salvation Army, DonationTown.org, and Furniture Bank Association.

Give it away

In order to save the hassle of tearing the mattress, you can advertise the mattress that doesn’t work for free.  We recommend you to try a website like Freecycle.org because it connects community members with those giving things away in their place.

How to Sell a Mattress

Sell your mattress locally

Before considering this option, it’s important to make sure that selling a mattress is illegal in your country. In fact, many countries accept to sell an old mattress after you clean it in a specific method. Check with your state to know its regulation.

You may need to contact your state departments of Consumer Affairs, Health, and Agriculture of Licensing. If your budget is a problem, you should think local when advertising. It’s best to start in the country that allows for an advertisement as a community centre, library, or locally-owned restaurant.

Sell your mattress online

There are some websites you can consider to consumer sales such as Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist. Besides, you can consider using your local social network if you want to advertise your mattress. Then, put an advertisement on all the social networking sites. For the best result, you can ask your friends to share your post.

How to Haul Away a Mattress

Use a waste disposal service

Actually, you can call a dumpster rental or waste disposal service in order to haul your mattress for you. It’s essential to do some extra work such as wrapping it in plastic.

Have the new mattress company haul your used one away

The fact is that you can get a new mattress when many mattress companies haul your used one away to recycle it. This is a great option because it doesn’t require you to do anything other when compared to paying a small fee for the labor related to removing and hauling away the old one.

We advise you to arrange your new mattress delivered before moving it. This is perfect for a local move because you will have to move your new mattress anyway.


It’s necessary to think about how you can do to get rid of your old mattress before the new one is delivered. There are many options for you. They include recycling, donating, and selling your mattress. All of them are to keep the old mattress out of the landfill. Therefore, you can enjoy the new one after that. In this way, you can protect the environment.

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