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How to Get Blood Out Of Mattress

If there is a bloodstain on your mattress, you may think about purchasing a new mattress, right? However, it’s not essential. Actually, you can learn how to get blood out of your mattress so you can save your wallet. In this article, we will give you some effective ways to do this. Keep reading this article to discover them.

How to Remove Blood Stains

As you know, it’s not easy to remove blood because it is known for hemoglobin and iron contained. They are really difficult to remove if they oxidize or dry. Therefore, it’s important to deal with a bloodstain when it is still fresh. Now, let’s take a look at six cleaning methods you can consider if you want to remove tough bloodstains.

Enzyme Cleaner

Although this option is not natural or homemade, it is known as one of the best ways to get the job done. You will need to work with common household items such as baking soda before buying an enzyme cleaner.

You can find an oxygenated enzyme at most grocery stores out there. It is a great choice for eliminating bloodstains. Also, you can choose an oxygenated bleach enzyme cleaner because it can be able to break down the stain at a molecular level.

Remember to follow the direction on your enzyme cleaner in order to make sure it’s safe to use. However, don’t apply it directly. Instead, apply it to a towel. Then, pat it on the stain.

Baking Soda

If you are looking for natural and homemade remedies, you can choose baking soda. It’s actually a tested solution. It can be able to budge even the most stubborn of stains.

First, you need to apply baking soda to the stain. Next, it’s time to use white vinegar to spray the area. It’s essential to leave to bubble for 30 minutes. Then, dab away the solution with a clean cloth. Remember to dab it until all traces of the solution are removed.

Corn Starch Mixture

You need a mixture of a ½ cup of cornstarch and a ¼ cup of hydrogen peroxide. At the same time, add 1 tablespoon of salt to the mixture in order to make a thick paste. Then, use this mixture to apply directly to the stain. Keep it for 30 minutes.

In order to loosen up the stain, you need to use a toothbrush. Then, use a cold and wet cloth to remove the paste. Next, use a clean towel to dab any wetness until it becomes dry.

Talcum Powder

Use talcum powder and mix it with water until this mixture becomes a form of a thick paste. Then, apply this paste to the bloodstain. After that, leave it until dry. Next, you need to use a vacuum cleaner in order to remove all the leftover solution.

Meat Tenderizer

Meat tenderizer is clear. It is not the hammer. It contains bromelain and papain. They can be able to break down proteins at a molecular level. Actually, it can make the meat tender. In addition, it’s also a good option for a protein-based stain remover.

It’s simple to use. You just need to make a mixture of 1 tablespoon of meat tenderizer and 2 tablespoons of water until it becomes a paste. Then, apply this mixture to stain. Next, leave it to dry. Last, use a vacuum cleaner to remove.


Another method to get blood out of a mattress is using ammonia. You can use it to remove tough stains. However, be careful when using ammonia because it can damage silk and wool. Avoid mixing it with chlorine bleach.

The thing you need to do is to mix one tablespoon of this solution with one cup of cold water. Dip into the ammonia solution by using a clean white towel. Then, dab on the bloodstain until it has lifted. Next, use a clean cloth to spot away from any remaining ammonia solution.

How to Get Blood Out of a Memory Foam Mattress

The fact is that you have to take a long time to wait for the memory foam to be dry. Therefore, it’s great to avoid getting your memory foam mattress soaking wet. If there is a blood splotch on your memory foam, you can consider using any of the above methods. However, remember not to get it wet. We recommend you to use an enzyme cleaner or baking soda solution. They seem to be the best solution for stained memory foam.

How to Get Dried Blood Out of a Mattress

Right after a fresh stain happens, you need to get it out of your mattress in order to make sure it won’t leave a lasting impression on your mattress. If blood stains become dry, you will need to use a special enzyme cleaner to remove it from your mattress.   

How to Remove Period Stains from Your Bed Sheets

The most popular reason that causes blood stains is because of menstruation. However, it’s not difficult to clean sheets. Indeed, it’s easier to clean sheets when compared to a mattress.

If you are looking for a method to remove stains from your bedsheets, you can pre-treat them before you decide to throw them into the washing machine. Here are three ways to handle period stains on your bedsheets:

Remove blood with WD-40

This is one of the handiest household items. Also, it’s known as a great stain remover. It can work well on removing bloodstains. You just need to spray the stain with it until it’s saturated. After that, you need to launder as usual.

Use cola on bloody sheets

We can also use cola as a great stain remover. It contains carbonic acid and phosphoric acid. They can work to break down stubborn stains. You just need to empty a can into the washing machine with your sheets.

Apply Aspirin to soiled sheets

You need to mix Aspirin with cold water until it has a form of a thick paste. Then, apply it to the stains. Then, leave the solution for at least 30 minutes. Once the paste becomes dry, you can launder as usual.

After you remove your bloodstain, you should consider getting a mattress protector. It ensures to protect your mattress from unpleasant stains. Then, you can keep your mattress last longer.


We’ve just mentioned you some specific techniques you can use to remove tough blood stains from your mattress. All of them are effective ways. So, you can apply any of them.

However, we recommend you to remove blood from your mattress as soon as possible. It’s best to do this right after it occurs to prevent it from drying.