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How to Get Rid Of Mattress

There are two of the most difficult items to dispose of. They include electronics and mattresses. It’s not easy to do mattress disposal. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t get rid of it properly. Actually, many people believe it is simply a problem of taking away for landfill. However, it’s not a good method of disposing of a mattress. Let’s check out this post. We will give you some mattress disposal suggestions. Then, you can get a great look at easy ways how to get rid of a mattress.

Ask When You Buy a New Mattress

When you shopping for a new mattress, it’s important to ask the retailer what they suggest regarding the disposal of your old mattress. Consider it before making your purchase. They may ask you to take it away for you when the new mattress is delivered. You also should ask for a reasonable price.

Local Authority Waste Disposal

It’s also important to contact your local authority waste. Then, you may get a collection of any bulky items for a fee from them. When it comes to this respect, you can be lucky or not because each authority is autonomous.

Local Mattress Recycling Service

Besides garbage disposal, some countries may come with a mattress recycling program. For example, the Mattress Recycling Council operates Bye Bye Mattress. If you are living in a state in the US, you can check out a near mattress recycling collection site that uses the mattress recycling locator. If you are staying in other countries, you can check for similar facilities that are near you.

Sell Your Old Mattress

If your mattress is still in a good shape, consider selling it. Remember to clean it professionally. Then, you can sell your old mattress on some sites such as Gumtree, eBay, as well as some other websites. However, you won’t get much money on it. Even, you may offer the mattress free for collection.

In addition to getting the mattress cleaned professionally, you also need to provide a photograph. It’s easy to get a buyer if you provide a photo as well as a detailed description of the mattress.

Donate the Mattress

There are a few ways to donate an old mattress. You may not know that your mattress can get double weight if you use it after 10 years because of accumulations of dust mites, perspiration, dead skin cells, and bacteria as well.

The Salvation Army may collect it free. Therefore, keep your old mattress with a clean-looking so they can accept the donation. Also, you can try local churches because they may take it for use in shelters or similar places.

Offer the Mattress to an Animal Rescue Organization

In a suitable condition, mattresses may be accepted by animal rescue organizations. In fact, most rescue centers accept them for their rescue animals that are waiting for adoption. And, they may collect it free for a small administration if they’re next to you.

Use Your Mattress to Create a Compost Heap

If you want to dispose of an entire bed, you can use the frame to hold a compost heap. It can be filled with compostable waste materials such as vegetable peelings, unfinished meals, or scrapings, vegetables, or fruit leftovers, as well as any other waste.

The entire mattress may be used to cover the compost heap. And, you can use any foam or fabric leftover to suppress weed growth from the late winter to the early spring.

Cut it up for Recycling and Disposal

If you find any of the above methods not suitable for you, you will wonder what you should do with your old mattress. You can cut your old mattress. Then, put it into your household garbage until it has all gone.

Actually, this may be a great solution for many people. There are some essential items for this such as a hammer, a sharp knife, a hacksaw, and a saw. Although it seems to be best to consider a bolt cutter, you still should get a hacksaw.

Advertise it for free

If any of the above recommendations can work for you, you need to think about an easier solution. You can advertise it for free collection in order to dispose of it free of any cost. In fact, you can get free ads from some newspapers and magazines for this type of thing. This method requires no money. Indeed, it’s not essential to cost anything to advertise.  


There are our suggestions on how to get rid of a mattress. Not all of them can be suitable for all people. Therefore, you need to choose one that is the best option for you. The fact is that there are about almost 90% of recyclable mattress materials. Then, they should be taken by local authorities and recycling centers. It’s not easy to find out how to get rid of a mattress. Hopefully, our tips are useful for you. And, they can help you find it much easier to do it.